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Double A Paper from Farmed Trees

The conventional paper industry relies on consuming and abusing 50 year-old trees from the natural forest. Ingeniously, Double A has developed a new paper manufacturing technology to get away from the said unfriendly traditional practice. Double A revolutionizes the future of paper industry by introducing its admirable Farmed Trees concept. The advancement is the fruit of intensive research & development and the noble initiative to simultaneously develop Thai agriculture. And together with the country’s advantages in geographic location, climate, and the ability/experience of Thai farmers, Double A has able to find the most suitable tree which can be harvested after only 3-4 years. The trees will be planted on the empty spaces between and around the rice paddies together with other cash crops. This serves as Double A’s raw material in producing high quality paper. It completely promotes sustainable development as absolutely no materials are tapped from the natural forest.

Double A’s recycling system starts from the sunlight which photosynthesize Double A’s Paper Tree. The trees are tended and cared for by more than 1.5 millions Thai farmer’s families. The spaces between and around the rice fields become more useful proving that bland agricultural areas can still be profitable and of great value. Double A Paper Tree emits 5.5 Million tons of Oxygen reduces Carbon dioxide by 8.2 Million tons and increases the humidity of the area where it is planted. 13:55 It also provides economic development for the country as it offers sustainable job and additional income to Thailand’s hardworking local farmers. It fights to eliminate the clandestine agricultural unemployment and relentlessly supports in reducing social problems in the community.

Double A Paper Tree soars high with its globally competitive characteristics. As the trees are specifically modeled for Thailand’s geographic and meteorological features, the production growth rate is high and the quality of fiber used in paper making is consistently superior. Evidently, Double A paper contains 22M fiber per gram compared to other brands that contain only 13M fiber per gram.  Likewise, Double A Paper’s smoothness characteristic which reduces paper jam in printers and photocopiers is highly regarded by the public.

Environment Care Mission
      In tune to its mission, Double A adheres to environmental management policies for its operation. The company faithfully practices international standards and spearheads significant environmental campaigns. As evidence, the company has received commendations/awards in Thailand and all over the world for its unwavering corporate social and environmental responsibility.


Visit our Factory
      Double A is pleased to invite you, our valued customer, to visit our factory in the campaign of Double A Factory Tour which introduces the information about pulp and paper industry and state-of-the-art production technology and also increase more reliability in our quality products which have been internationally acclaimed.